How To Make Money With Webinars

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Make Money With Webinars

About Webinars

There are many ways to promote your brand, drive traffic to your site, and make money online. In fact, I recently posted 15 Tips to Make Money With A Blog and the webinar was one of them. The webinar is a Web-based seminar and another way to connect with, inform and grow your audience. Using video conferencing software, your workshop, seminar or summit can be transmitted over the Web to an audience that pays to receive it or participates for free with an option to pay for its content as a download for future reference, or uses the Webinar as a means to inform them of other buying or learning opportunities. Commonly, the webinar is used to educate a target audience about products and services or to conduct training and demonstrations. Webinars are perfect for presentation, discussion or instruction. Really, the webinar works for any occasion when meaningful interaction can and should take place with a large audience that cannot be in the same location at the same time. While the webinar often happens in real time, it also can be prerecorded. Prerecorded webinars are particularly helpful for training sessions and product demonstrations.

What is a webinar? From The Beginners Guide to Webinars

What makes a Webinar so awesome is its capacity for interactivity. The ability to send, receive and discuss information in real time makes this technology a powerful tool for reaching a large targeted audience. As part of the registration process, you will collect email addresses, learn the interests of attendees, demonstrate your thought leadership and, most importantly, generate leads. Interaction could include access to special information or purchasing deals only available during the Webinar, and/or access to those deals afterward, or other opportunities if the content is purchased. Webinars are used as value added on a vendor or blogger’s page, and is conducted using a professional service provider such as WebExCheck out their array of free topic webinars, product lines and prices here.

GoToWebinar is another service provider that allows you to view Webinars and/or host Webinars. Try it free for 30 days and invite 100 people to join your Webinar. But before you dive in, the following are some important questions to consider, as well as the dos and don’ts to achieve a successful outcome.

But do I really NEED a webinar?

The question is seriously important. A webinar may sound like a cool idea but it takes a great deal of thought and planning. So, the first question is: Do you REALLY Need a Webinar? This article will help you decide when to host a webinar and when NOT to.

Webinars can really boost your business. The 8 Ways To Boost Your Business With Webinars informs on list building, brand awareness, perfecting your craft, growing new audiences, saving time, increasing sales, preparing for the BIG GAME, and connecting with decision makers. You will also want these 14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar. Here, the author addresses everything from choosing the right title so Google search engine picks it up, to resources for creating a landing page for your webinar, to several webinar service providers, to getting the word out about your webinar and the timeline for doing so, as well as how to use your blog and social media to drive traffic to your webinar.

Now that you know a little bit about webinars, and whether hosting one is right for you, here are the 6 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Webinar. With all the planning involved, the last thing you want is attendees tweeting about how your webinar is a complete waste of their time. When it comes to protecting your brand or website rep, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. That’s why you do your research first!

Your first webinar

This article will put your mind at ease. How to Run Your First Webinar (with No Skills, No Stress and No Budget) – Learn why serious bloggers love webinars even if they don’t have anything to sell.

Most of us bloggers are content marketers. We don’t typically have our own products. But affiliate marketing is a smart way to make money by earning commission from other people’s products. Affiliate marketing plus webinars are a powerful means for making money with your blog. In this article, How to Make Money With Webinars Without Making Products, you will learn how to take advantage of webinars for profit.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few more tips from How to Make $10,000 From Your First Webinar.

I hope this article and its resources were helpful for you. This is my research for how to plan, develop, conduct and follow up on my first webinar. I’ll be sure to post how it goes.

[Additional resource: Webinar FAQ]

Have you hosted a webinar? What was your goal and what did you learn about the process?


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