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15 Best Tips to Make Money With A Blog

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How to Make Money With A Blog  Lets-talk-blog-money

It seems that everyone these days wants to make money online. I know I do, so I took Kim Kat Shepherd‘s workshop ‘Blogging for Cash’ and learned a few things about blogs that you might also want to know. A blog is perhaps the most substantial method for generating online income. If you’re already a blogger, these 15 tips will help you monetize your blog so you can start earning cash. If you’re just beginning and don’t know where to start, get a free WordPress site here. Then watch this Brief Introduction to Once you master the free version you’ll be ready to consider upgrading to the paid version. has many more tools, add-ons and plug-ins to make your blog both attractive and highly functional.

About Content

Although it is true that Content is King, also know that it isn’t enough just to write great content. You also have to be current. You’ll want to update your blog with new posts each day, or on set days, or on a weekly bases. Do this for two important reasons: keep your audience engaged, up-to-date and/or educated about your product(s) and/or service(s); and, optimize your brand and/or blog positioning within Google’s search engine. The latter is the first tip to making money with your blog.

15 Tips for Monetizing Your Blog

  1. Learn everything you can about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starting with this excellent infographic: Writing Content that Ranks.
  2. Know what type of blog you have or want: 52 Types of Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work
  3. Decide if you want to sell advertising space on your site. Get paid upfront, regularly and keep all the money.
  4. PPC (Pay-per-click) or CPC (Cost-per-click) pays you each time someone clicks on the ad.
  5. CPE (Cost-per-engagement) pays when a visitor engages with the ad by hovering over it, enlarging it, playing a game and receiving virtual credit, or taking a poll, as a few examples.
  6. CPV (Cost-per-view) pays whenever someone views the video for a determined length of time.
  7. CPA (Cost-per-action or Cost-per-acquisition) also known as PPP (Pay-per-performance) pays for the completing of a desired performance such as filling out a form, taking a survey, making a purchase or signing up for the newsletter.
  8. Use WordPress Advertising Widgets to easily upload ad images, code or text from ads and embed into your website. Often these items can be customized to fit with your site. Always check reviews and last updates for quality assurance, and also conduct a Google search to be sure plugins are supported.
  9. Promote products of an affiliate and earn commission: What is Affiliate Marketing?
  10. Build a great website with the capacity to attract a huge following then auction it off to the highest bidder. Check these helpful resources for buying and selling websites here.
  11. In-text ads match targeted keywords on your page to advertisers. Watch.
  12. Text link ads are a smart solution for advertisers to overcome banner blindness by using intent-based ads in non-traditional web places, highlighting your best keywords. Infolinks has a free demo.
  13. Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in pop-up ads on the web. Although many can be blocked by browsers like Google Chrome, these ads attract traffic or capture email addresses. The Internet’s Original Sin tells the story of how the most hated tool of advertisers was born.
  14. Audio ads can be played when a visitor lands of your page. These ads often cannot be stopped. However, there are also interactive audio ads which allow publishers and listeners to connect in real time. See a demo from 123AudioAds. Give consumers a voice with XAPP Media ads.
  15. Finally, Webinars can be used to drive traffic, educate, inform, demonstrate, and engage consumers, and webinars can be embedded right into blog posts. Check out How to Use Webinars to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers. Here are some Webinar Best Practices from Adobe Connect Blog. You may also enjoy my post How To Make Money With Webinars.

I hope you found this post useful to your process. Let readers know what what works for you. Share your tips, and post a link to your blog with a note about its content. And, thanks for stopping by!

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